Alexa will soon remember past conversations (but only when prompted)


Amazon is giving Alexa the ability to remember past things you’ve discussed. Specifically, Alexa in the US will have memory for remembering important information.

How does it work? You can say something like: Alexa, remember that Sean’s birthday is June 20th and Alexa will keep that information stored in its noggin. Amazon doesn’t say how it will use that information, mind you – presumably, the voice assistant would help you not forget your friend’s birthday next time it comes around.

You can expect a lot more to come. Amazon says this is one of many launches this year that will make Alexa more personalized. It’s early days, but this memory feature will providea natural way to recall that information later.”

Why it matters: Voice assistants have been getting smarter, but for all their cloud-powered brians, memory has never been their best asset. Generally speaking, when you interact with Alexa (or Google and Siri) they don’t remember much about you other than your name and basic details you’ve provided.

Adding some degree of memory to Alexa could make conversations more human. On the other hand, it could raise concerns about how much information Amazon has on you if it begins storing details more personal than your next dentist appointment.

Go deeper: There’s a lot more coming to Alexa this year. The voice assistant will be able to listen to followup commands without forcing you to repeat ‘Alexa,’ for instance. You can read more at the official Alexa blog by clicking on the source link below.

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