This Is What Basket Mouth Has To Say About Flaunting Wealth On Social Media


Comedian Basket Mouth is showing that it pays to be humble even if you are in a position where it can be said that you are living your life.
The comedian took to his Instagram to ‘not boast’ about his status.

He wrote,

“I was so tempted to use the caption ‘Living the life’ or ‘Thank you God’ or ‘Hard work pays’… but then….who am I lying to? Wey I know say I fly local.
I just really wanted to see how easy it was to take such pictures to look more successful, and surprisingly, its not that hard….. Just saying.”

Basket Mouth can be seen in a private jet on his way to another state in Nigeria, but unlike his other celebrities, he is seeing it as normal and wanted to take a photo to see how it felt.

Good for him that he didn’t feel anything special.

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